A rally cry for support

A rally cry for support from our musician and friend Alex Chaffin

In our quest for an equitable, informed and resilient future, I believe there are a few key pillars that will rise above the rest: land & food sovereignty, education and sustainable regenerative global development.

We are at a point in history where in the next 10-15 years, we will see massive disruptions and collapse to our very means of autonomy and subsistence, and because of this, focusing on revolutionizing models, systems and practices of procuring a future rooted in our ability to subsist, feed one another, distribute and push access to information, knowledge and research and then thrive, will be at the crux of survival and an exigency of utmost concern in the coming years.

Turtle Island Research Cooperative will be one of the radical hubs of research and development for these models and systems that can then be made accessible to the rest of the world. This is a big part of the future, and something I implore you all to take note and keep track of, if nothing else. The coming years require, FROM ALL OF US, a transition and evolution of and to communitarian and grassroots ecological revolution that is in part lent from the coalescence of ancient wisdoms and indigenous practices (community egalitarianism, biocentrism, etc.) with modern advancement in technology, knowledge and practice (permaculture, carbon farming, etc.).

The most important aspect of this postmodern evolution, however, is to understand these new systems and models as being didactically structured around a means of resilience and antagonism to the longstanding modes of state and capitalist appropriation, accumulation and exploitation along with the bode of its ails, social inequity and environmental degradation, to name a few.

This must be our direction. This is our future. This is the hope we must cling to, lest we wish to run ourselves and the entire planet into collapse and extinction. So please, give this project your attention. Dave Jonathan McKerracher, who many of you here already know well, and the others who have been hard at work making this dream a reality, are not doing so for themselves; they are, as stated in the video, seeking to procure and inspire community – one of the most essential and concurrently absent of human needs – as something tangible and hopeful for generations and generations to come, and especially something to help rewire the modern constructs of ecology, sociability and mind to create an accessible and achievable model of hope for the pending (or already employed depending on your geographic location) world in crisis.

Follow, share, and give your love and support to this project and those hard at work to make it happen. They are looking to answer questions you may have, for volunteers that may have interest in working with them, and the ability to reach out, educate and inspire. Thanks for the love.

Alex is a poet, vocalist, and song writer studying philosophy, economics, and culture design.

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